Hamstrings Causing Extension?

According to the web, a paradox is a statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which defies intuition.  Early last week I began to contemplate the idea of hamstring dominance during squatting.  I have know about hamstring dominance for a long time, however, I really never thought too deeply about it.  Lets think about the words “hamstring dominance” for a moment.  The hamstrings primarily flex the knee, so how could it be that during ascension from a squat, they actually help extend the knee?  Seems paradoxical.  The word paradox makes me think of Einstein or back to the future.  As if I meet myself 10 years ago and cause a space-time collapse.  However, this may be the wrong type of paradox.  Instead, I am talking about Lombards Paradox.

Now, I didn’t know the answer to my question about hamstring dominance.  I sought wise counsel and asked about the hamstring dominance.  The answer I received was Lombards Paradox.

Lombards paradox shows that the hamstrings have the ability to create hip extension during gait, cycling, or squatting due to a large moment arm close to the hip, instead of the knee.  It happens with the quads as well.  How does this happen?  Probably from improper joint mechanics (poor form).  However, it may be that Lombards paradox can be a good thing (for walking?) but in squatting you probably don’t want it around.  It seems Lombard was pondering the same idea…


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3 Responses to Hamstrings Causing Extension?

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  2. Are you talking about hip and quad dominance? Personally I have never heard hamstring dominance.

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