Self Assessment and Care: Spinal Seminar

Saturday, October 2nd
2:00pm to 5:30pm
Cost: Free/Donation

“80/20 Rule: 20 percent of this seminar you will remember, 80 percent you will forget.  I will try to keep the information simple, compact, and easy to follow.”

This seminar is geared at teaching the following:

  1. Relevant Anatomy in a simple, easy to understand manner
  2. How we are injured and how we recover (micro, macro-trauma, trigger points)
  3. Self Mobility and Functional Assessment
  4. Self Treatment and Progressions

1/3 of this seminar will be lecture, the other 2/3 will be hands on coaching.  Expect this to be a very informative seminar that covers everything from assessment to self-treatment to pain management and prevention.

For directions click here


About doctoranthony
As a spinal rehabilitation specialist with over 7 years clinical experience in the areas of - Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Active & Passive Spinal Rehabilitation, Functional Movement and Orthopedic Assessment, Strength and Conditioning Coaching, Fitness Programming, Business Development, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Consultancy - you can feel safe knowing that I understand the worry and concern surrounding spinal pain. This is why self-efficacy lies at the heart of my practice. For more info:

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