At the heart of my method lies empowerment, coaching, motivation and self-care.  I believe everyone in some form or another is their own health care provider.  Each individual holds the key to their ultimate success in fitness and health.  I am only a facilitator.  The healing that a patient experiences on my watch is due to them.  Each human holds the seed to recovery, I only provide the water.


Dr. Anthony H Close completed his studies in biology and chemistry from Purdue University prior to completing his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer University in Iowa. While at Palmer, Anthony had a special focus in spinal rehabilitation systems and physiotherapy.  Currently, Anthony is a private practitioner in the city of Wellington, New Zealand.  In the past, Anthony has internationally lectured and held permanent positions at major universities and various gyms. Anthony’s unique blend of thought between physics, bio-mechanics, physiology and business has led to a novel approach regarding spinal rehabilitation consultancy.


In summary, Anthony helps practitioners by integrating rehabilitation systems, so that they may better serve their patients and subsequently, increase clinical value. Being from the USA originally, Anthony has consulted and taught in Bolivia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.  Anthony has owned and operated three spinal rehabilitation clinics in New Zealand since 2006.  Moreover, he is a personal trainer and health coach that operates on a global level through video, email, and phone conversation. In addition to being highly sought after as a lecturer and speaker regarding spinal health/fitness and bridging the gap between personal trainers and medical providers.

Anthony is a certified member of the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists, NSCA (USA), Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) and licensed with the New Zealand Board of Chiropractic Practitioners (NZBCP).  Some of Anthony’s elite client’s have included members of: The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Prime Minster (Saudi Arabia), The Weta Digital Corporation, Warner Brothers, The Wellington Hurricanes and The Civil Aviation Authority New Zealand.


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